January 12, 2018

Architecture & Planning

Architecture has been the art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other structures for human habitation and utility use.

Aside from the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the physical design of the building, the planning component is when the designer incorporates the use, function and needs of the inhabitants of the building project and produces workable and effective construction plans and specifications. The architectural planner must also have extensive knowledge of all requirements of and secure the approval with air conditioning service poway of all state and local governmental agencies ( e.g. planning commission, zoning commission, building department, etc.) that control the use and occupancy of the project being designed and all applicable building codes and standards that control how the project is to be constructed.

During litigation, the architectural design, planning, project documents and project management constituents are scrutinized to determine whether they have met the criteria of reasonably expected aspects of function, use, constructability, code and air conditioning repair standards compliance and the avoidance of defective design and construction.

All professionals at Shrishti Achitect have extensive expertise with architectural design, planning, building codes, building code standards, project management and peer review.

Our chief Architectural Expert is: Ar. S. K Gupta

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