Best Group Housing designer and Architect in India

#Shrishti Architect is the #best Group Housing designer and Architect in India. Shrishti Architect is one of the finest architectural company that has made name as the best Architecture planner when it comes to build high end Group Housing including Vilas, High Rise, Low Rise Apartments. We provide detailed Architectural support with comprehensive Project design planning and services. We also have expertise in Mall, Factory, Schools and Collages, Stadium etc. Our Team dedication towards our commitment makes us Top Architect. Our attention on functional requirements and details bound us to create high quality Group Housing Projects and Villas. Group Housings are generally spread over an extensive size and require lots of detailed planning and preparation from conceptual stage to finish stage. Our architectural services include architectural design and planning with special attention towards the technical and functional requirement of High Rise Building of India. This is achieved through specialised knowledge, Experience and Skill of our architects and technical team members who have worked exclusively for Group Housing in India

Why we are the best:

  1.    We provide 100 % custom design with two or three time free modification.
  2.    Uninterrupted discussion to facilitate client desires to the best possible way.
  3.    Area measurement and computation.
  4.    Free perspective view showing the massing of the site.
  5.    3 D walk of video through deign {optional}.
  6.    Get design delivery within committed time.
  7.    Get Architectural, civil and structure, plumbing and electrical details {optional}.
  8.    Site visit as per requirements.
  9.    Proper project coordination throughout  the construction.

   Timely execution and budget oriented, value for money.

Concept of high rise building in India:

High Rise building flourishing across the world. India is not separated with the concept. They are the most significant option for the rapidly growing community but nothing comes without a challenge. Constructing high rise building  is a challenging task but we can’t underestimate the importance of these buildings with the idea to have one’s own house. To do something to fulfil one’s desire to have a shelter for the family. Shrishti Architect is designing the dream of the people of the nation so creating an image of civilized nation. We are devoted to materialising the concept of most admirable consultant. There is visible rapid pace from the last few decades in growth rate of group housing. Many countries had started constructing high rise since the 18th century based on roman Architecture concept. Introduction of engineering and effective material inventions make this possible to touch the sky. Countries challenged the nature and built tall towers that created the thrust to live along the sky. Gradually it’s become the need. It’s not possible for every individual to have their own shed unless he doesn’t choose for high rise. We as team of #Shrishti Architect committed to fulfil the dream to have A #Home.

Let’s move vertically if not possible horizontally. The idea is to use the available space with managing compatibility with nature. Be a part of nature.

Key factors for designing #High Rise:  

#Shrishti Architect feels responsibility towards the life and safety of our valuable clientele. Our focus is to provide technically beautiful accommodation for each project we are assigned to work on. The foundation of high rise bears very heavy loads but lateral loads such as those due to wind and earthquakes are also a major consideration. Our focal point works on:  

Structural system

Wind load

Enclosure system

Life safety system


Environment system

Electrical system

Using the latest Architectural software, modern technique and in house team of #Best Architects, Planners and interior designer we create conceptual and schematic design that ensures full safety and security. Detailed documentation and research of every aspect as existing condition of site, utilities, zoning, topography, structures, hazardous and geotechnical waste management, native plant protection, archaeological clearances etc. Our services help all the parties involved to ensure that the project objectives are achieved on budget and on time. #Shrishti Architect has rich experience in Architecture, Project management consultancy and Master planning to guarantee the 100% result.

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