Porta Cabin:- A Revolution

A very quick and easy solution for any type of extension to exiting home Or a new and complete house can be fixed too. In modern time when sizes of home are shrinking and sustainability to stay at one place are becoming under the conditions. Porta cabin are boon to manage your space most suitable without expanding much time. And money saver too.

For a architect its very challenging and crazy task to make it a practical approach. If talking about future where things are getting expensive day by day and time is getting sort. This idea is definitely becoming concrete solution for all our problem.

Architect arranges 6 dimensional space where nature and a human being can be put together easily  by keeping both in comfortable condition. A space that had a unique feature to change itself  with time and needs. That what is an architect is expected. So this going to be one window solution for all the modern day requirements.  No need for construction and no more dead investment. Some important features of porta cabin:

  • Being light weight and durable, the portable cabin offers easy relocation and hassle free service. Suitable for vast application ranges and offered in various sizes and designs.
  • Amazing solutions that are associated with the unique sustainable features:
  • High tolerance, corrosion resistance, water proof and junk proof and heat resistance are the praised features.
  • Aesthetic finish requires no additional painting.
  • Adequate insulation of storage building cabin maintains a 5-7C ambient temperature difference . all electrical facilities –wiring socket, light fixtures are provided.
  • Portable cabin requires no foundation.
  • Great resistance to natural disasters weather proof.
  • C/Z channel based steel wall & roof
  • Brace bar comprising steel round bar
  • Trim & flashing provided
  • Windows option available.

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