Why we need an architect, when planning a building construction?

This is really very logical thought came in my mind do we genuinely need an architect. We better know our requirements like room for sleeping, room for visitors, rooms for kids, dining space, place for pooja ghar, kitchens, store, toilets ect.  So whats new in it. We better know what we want. So why a outsider will judge me and my thoughts. Since i started to bear my responsibility as marketing and management supportive to Shrishti Architect, after interacting to many clients this hidden question i faced a lot. Not directly but the reaction after meeting a prospective client.

So justifying myself a have to find a satisfactory answer to know the need for architect.

Supporting above i observe we don’t need an architect if we Cleary know our story flowing in mind with proper conclusion, means clear idea of space with proper measurement. Exacts distribution to each space covering their necessities, strength to retain the structure, easily feasible and maintainable, turning complex to simple, design & engineering match and it should be a house meant for me.

We should be narrator with judgemental view. Judge yourself if want to long run. If able to go on the path without any hazard go for sure but having a little doubt will leave you in a big mess.

Hiring an Architect will relieve you from this mess. As he is the person who works for this only. Professionally qualified architects can see possibilities and find solutions to your special needs. Plays with structuring the engineering and monitors the engineering to your dream design then implement it to your convenience. Sometimes he is reacts more than a owner as to relate safety measures. And some times more then family member when playfull and enjoyment is considered.

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